Predictive and Prognostic Molecular Markers for Cancer Medicine


Over the last 10 years there has been an explosion of information about the molecular biology of cancer. A challenge in oncology is to translate this information into advances in patient care. While there are well-formed routes for translating new molecular information into drug therapy, the routes for translating new information into sensitive and specific diagnostic, prognostic and predictive tests are still being developed. Similarly, the science of using tumor molecular profiles to select clinical trial participants or to optimize therapy for individual patients is still in its infancy. This review will summarize the current technologies for predicting treatment response and prognosis in cancer medicine, and outline what the future may hold. It will also highlight the potential importance of methods that can integrate molecular, histopathological and clinical information into a synergistic understanding of tumor progression. While these possibilities are without doubt exciting, significant challenges remain if we are to implement them with a strong evidence base in a widely available and cost-effective manner.

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Mehta S. et al. Predictive and prognostic molecular markers for cancer medicine. Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology March 2010 vol. 2 no. 2125-148


I'm currently doing my PhD at the University of Auckland in the field of cancer biology and bioinformatics. I have done a MSc in Pharmacology from The University of Auckland.

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