The Site is a website designed to make learning pharmaceutical sciences easier. The website is aimed to provide notes, animations, articles, presentations and software which will make learning sciences related to medicine, pharmacy, biology and chemistry easier to understand and learn. The founder of the website is Akul Mehta. The website has been running since June 19, 2007.  In December 2010, has undergone a dramatic change moving to a WordPress system for entering content on the website. The new system allows editors to publish their content in the form of animations, notes, articles, presentation on the website with great ease. The website has helped over half a million users and has received over a million hits since its inception. However, the earlier design did not promote the readers to contribute.

All content on the website is free for anyone to view and read. The content on the website is for educational use only and is aimed to only spread knowledge in the hope to make education fun and interesting. The only source of revenue for the website is the advertisements on the website. The revenue generated is used to keep the website running and expand. If you would like to make a donation please see the contact page and we will let you know how you can make a donation.

Our Team

Akul Mehta – Founder, Editor

Sweety Mehta- Editor