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ChemSketch is a free chemistry drawing tool which can be used to draw chemical structures and also to draw reactions. It lets you make molecules and structures in the most simple way on the computer. It produces IUPAC names for the structures you make. It can also show you the molecule in a 3D view and also can show you the ball and stick model of the molecule. It has inbuilt templates which has ready made molecules of sugars, amino-acids and vitamins and lots more. It gives you predicted physical data about the molecule and can be used for NMR studies too. You can even write reactions and draw structures to save them for seminars or projects or reports in the form of images. It is one of the fastest chemistry drawing applications available and the best part is its free for home and educational use. It also has simple features such as molecular weight calculation and it has ready made functional groups so that you can just add them with simple clicks. It also has the ability to check the molecule online on the pubchem database as well as the eMolecules database for the structure and produces monographs of the molecule if it finds it. A very useful software and a must to download.

The software is Free for non-commercial use but a paid version of it also exists where you get all the features.

For more information and to download the software check out:


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